What is the best raw material for the production of machine-made sand?

2023-02-09 11:18:35

As a non-renewable resource, natural sand has a limited stock, but the shortage of sand and gravel aggregates needs to be solved. Therefore, the demand for machine-made sand in the sand and gravel market is increasing. So what is the best raw material for the production of machine-made sand? What is the process of machine-made sand production?

What are the raw materials for machine-made sand? What ingredients are best to use?

There are many types of stones that can be processed into machine-made sand. According to different hardness levels, they can be roughly divided into medium and high hardness stones and medium and low hardness stones.

Stones with higher hardness include: basalt, granite and pebbles;

Stones with medium and low hardness include: limestone, coal gangue, calcite, etc. In addition, cement blocks, waste concrete, asphalt and bricks in some construction waste can also be used as raw materials for machine-made sand.

The quality and compressive strength of machine-made sand produced by different raw materials are different. So what is the best raw material to use? To be honest, it must be the rough stone, whether it is high hardness or medium hardness rough stone, it is better than the construction waste waste rock, after all, it is uncarved and damaged, and it is inferior to the rough stone in terms of toughness and effectiveness.

What equipment is used to produce machine-made sand?

The production of machine-made sand requires the raw materials to be subjected to different degrees of coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, and then sand making. The required crushing equipment includes jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers.


Jaw crushers are generally used for primary crushing, and cone crushers or impact crushers for secondary crushing. The jaw crusher is the primary crusher for the production of machine-made sand equipment, the impact crusher is used for finely crushing medium-hard stones, and the cone crusher is used for crushing high-hardness stones.


The sand making machine is the key in the machine-made sand production equipment. The sand making machine is an indispensable equipment for the machine-made sand. It adopts a special feeding crushing structure and has a variety of crushing chambers, realizing the "rock hitting rock" and "rock hitting iron" , "free conversion, so that the finished product has excellent particle shape and reasonable gradation, which improves production efficiency, and is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone molding. The crushed stone can be made into qualified sand according to the construction sand standard stone.

Machine-made sand production process

The stone is evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed material is sent to the cone crusher or impact crusher by the belt conveyor for fine crushing. The finely crushed stone is sent to the sand making machine by the conveyor. machine for further crushing. The sand-making materials are sent to the vibrating screen for screening, and the materials that meet the particle size requirements of the finished product are sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning. The cleaned materials are output by the finished product conveyor belt to obtain the finished product.

Materials that do not meet the particle size requirements of the finished machine-made sand are sent back to the sand making machine by the belt conveyor for reprocessing, forming a closed loop many times, and the particle size of the finished product can be combined and graded according to the user's requirements.