What kind of sand making machine is good for pebbles?

2023-02-07 16:33:49

With the emphasis on environmental protection, the collection of natural sand is more and more restricted due to cost issues, and the corresponding machine-made sand is also getting more and more attention, and it is popular in the sand material market. There are many types of raw materials for processing machine-made sand, such as pebbles The material is easy to obtain, the cost is low, and the difficulty of sand making is low, so with the prevalence of machine-made sand, sand and gravel made of pebbles have long been popular in the construction industry.

What kind of sand making machine is good for pebbles?

The sand making machine is an important part of the sand and gravel production line. Its function is to crush the large stones in order to meet the standard of materials. It will cause normal wear and tear of equipment, and environmental protection measures are very strict now. The impact sand making machine is a good choice for pebble sand making.


1. Many models, high production capacity

There are four series of impact sand making machines: HVI, VSIA7, VSI, and HX. Within the range of models, the production capacity range can reach 12-703t/h.

Suitable models can be found for the capacity requirements of large, medium and small production lines. For large-scale sand production lines, a multi-unit joint production plan can be selected to achieve higher capacity goals.

2. Long life

By adjusting the feeding device of the hopper, it is easy to realize the conversion between the two modes of "perimeter feeding + center feeding" and "center feeding". Adjusting the angle of the distribution disc can avoid the direct impact of the material on the impeller and reduce the abnormal wear of the impeller;

The tailor-made thin oil lubrication station has comprehensively upgraded the air cooling system, temperature control, and oil shortage protection on the basis of the previous generation to further ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment;

Optional PLC intelligent control, connected to the central control system through the DCS interface, to achieve all-weather monitoring, which can effectively reduce the damage rate of equipment due to failure or improper maintenance;The adoption of new impeller technology and new materials greatly prolongs the life of wearing parts, reduces downtime for maintenance and wear of wearing parts;

After the peripheral guard plate is partially worn, the head can be adjusted up and down, which improves the material utilization rate and reduces the operating cost. The combined throwing head design only needs to replace the worn part, which reduces the use cost;

3. Well sealed, more environmentally friendly

Modular design of the bearing chamber, two lubrication methods of thin oil lubrication and grease lubrication, to meet the different needs of customers, thin oil lubrication bearing chamber, patented combination design of various sealing forms is more reliable, good sealing can fully avoid dust Leakage, sand making is more environmentally friendly.

The finished material of cobblestone sand can fully replace natural sand for construction production. With the performance upgrade of sand making equipment, the finished material of machine-made sand is getting better and better, with uniform grain shape and reasonable gradation, which can bring you a lot of benefits, High benefit.