Pumice Ultrafine Industrial Powder Grinding Mill

2021-08-10 08:39:57

Pumice ultrafine industrial grinding mill can grind pumice into fine powder, pumice powder can be widely used in industries, chemicals, building materials, grinding, medicine, construction and other fields. CLIRIK industrial grinding mill can grind non-metallic ores into superfine powder between 300mesh to 3000mesh, and there are many types of CLIRIK grinding mill: HGM ultrafine grinding mill, YGM Raymond grinding roller mill, CLUM vertical roller mill, etc.

pumiceWhat is pumice?

Pumice, also called pumice, is a light-colored porous vitreous rock. It is formed when the magma erupts, due to the sharp decrease in pressure, the internal gas quickly escapes and expands. Pumice is an acidic volcanic rock. The hardness is 6, the density is less than lg/cm3, and it can float on the water.

Good thermal insulation, porous and sharp partitions. High chemical activity, strong adsorption, and obvious hydraulic gelling properties under the action of hydraulic activator. It is a pollution-free environmental protection material that plays an irreplaceable effect in construction, grinding, and water conservancy.

Properties of pumice

Pumice is a loose, spongy, ovoid, irregular block with varying sizes. The appearance is off-white or gray-yellow, occasionally light red. Most of them have pores, shaped like moths, and sometimes tubular. Light in body, hard and brittle, fragile, loose in section, with small holes, often with glass or silk-like luster. Float in the water without sinking. The gas is weak and the taste is slightly salty.


Characteristics of pumice

1. Biochemical stability: Pumice is resistant to corrosion and generally does not participate in the chemical reaction of biofilms in the environment.

2. Electricity and hydrophilicity of the surface: The surface of pumice is positively charged and has strong hydrophilicity, which is beneficial to the addition of microorganisms.

3. No effect on biofilm activity: as a biofilm carrier, volcanic rock biofilter material is harmless and has no inhibitory effect on the fixed microorganisms, and it has been proved that it does not affect the activity of microorganisms.

Pumice crusher and grinding process:

The processing flow of pumice for construction is: raw ore sorting→crushing→drying→screening or water floatation purification and classification→products.

The processing flow of industrial pumice powder is: raw ore crushing→drying→purification→grinding→micron products.

This article mainly introduces the grinding process of industrial pumice powder. How to get industrial ultra-fine pumice powder?


1. Crushing stage: large pieces of pumice are crushed by the crusher, and finally reach the fineness of the mill (15mm-50mm)

2. Grinding stage: The small pieces of pumice that meet the conditions for entering the mill are fed into the grinding chamber of the mill evenly and quantitatively through the feeding system, and pulverized in the grinding cavity.

3. Classification stage: the ground material will be classified by the classifier along with the system airflow, and the unqualified powder will be returned to the main machine's grinding cavity for re-grinding.

4. Powder collection stage: The powder that meets the fineness enters the powder collection system through the pipeline with the airflow, and the gas and powder are separated. The finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device, and then packed by a powder tanker or an automatic baler.


Recommended pumice industrial powder grinding mills:


The following introduces two popular CLIRIK ultra-fine mills. They can produce 300-3000 mesh superfine powder with high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life. Generally received unanimous praise from new and old customers. For more CLIRIK industrial mills, crushers, you are welcome to visit our website: https://www.powder-grinder.com/

ultrafine powder grinderHGM Ultrafine stone powder making  machine

HGM series ultra-fine powder mill (three-ring four-ring medium-speed micro-powder mill) is a high-efficiency and low-consumption ultra-fine powder processing equipment, which successfully replaces the traditional jet mill and the complex process of ball mill grinding and powder selection, greatly reducing production costs. Improve product fineness.

The equipment investment is small, the operation is simple, and the equipment can operate continuously for 24 hours.

It can be arbitrarily adjusted to produce finished powders with a fineness of 325 mesh to 2500 mesh, which is suitable for grinding hundreds of materials with a Mohs hardness level below 6.

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vertical roller millCLUM vertical roller mill

CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill is a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment integrating powder grinding, grading, conveying, secondary powder selection, and finished product packaging. It can be widely used in large-scale ultra-fine dry powder processing of non-metallic minerals such as calcite, marble, limestone, dolomite, barite, talc, kaolin, dolomite, wollastonite, gypsum, feldspar, pyrophyllite, etc.

The fineness D97 of the finished powder produced can reach 3000 mesh, and the content of 2μm can reach up to 60%.

The product has high whiteness, narrow particle size distribution and good particle sphericity.

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What is pumice powder used for?

1. Building materials: Lightweight concrete filler. Railway ballast. Cement (using pumice as raw material).

2. Grinding industry: abrasives for glass and glasses, polishing agents for soft metals and plastics, polishing agents for picture tubes and phosphor screens, polishing metals, cleaning and rubbing wood before electroplating.

3. Daily chemicals: cosmetic materials, toothpaste, machine soap and cosmetic fillers.

4. Petrochemical industry: fillers for rubber, asphalt, paper making, paint, etc. Filters, insecticide carriers. Ceramic glaze and enamel ingredients. Replace light calcium carbonate as plastic filler.

5. Thermal insulation materials: Pumice stone is used as the main raw material, and it is melted at high temperature to make mineral wool and its products, which are used for ceiling sound insulation.

Which pumice industrial powder grinder is more suitable for grinding pumice powder?

When choosing a pumice industrial powder mill, it should be selected according to actual needs.

If you produce pumice powder below 500 mesh, you can choose Raymond mill. Raymond mill has a long history. After many generations of improvements, the performance of our CLIRIK YGM series Raymond mill is getting better and better, and the price is relatively cheap. For general fine powder production, Raymond mill is a good choice.
raymond grinding mill

If you produce 300-2500 mesh pumice powder, you can choose our HGM series of ultra-fine powder grinder machines. This series of mills is a high-efficiency and low-consumption ultra-fine powder processing equipment, which successfully replaced the traditional jet mill and ball mill's complex procedures for grinding and selecting powder, greatly reducing production costs and improving product fineness.

If you need to produce 3000 mesh superfine pumice powder, you can choose our CLUM series vertical roller mill. This equipment is a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment integrating powder grinding, grading, conveying, secondary powder selection, and finished product packaging. It is suitable for large-scale ultra-fine dry powder processing of non-metallic minerals such as pumice.