Potassium feldspar grinding powder production line

2022-04-06 14:08:16

Potassium feldspar has a specific gravity of 2.56 to 2.59, a hardness of 6, and a low melting point. It is mainly used in glass, ceramics, etc., and can also be used to prepare potash fertilizers. Among them, potassium feldspar powder is brittle, has high compressive strength and stable chemical properties, and is made of potassium feldspar after grinding. The completion of the production line for potassium feldspar powder will affect the effect of potassium feldspar grinding and the quality of the final product.

Production line complete set of equipment

The complete equipment composition of the potassium feldspar grinding powder production line is roughly the same as that of other minerals, mainly composed of crushing equipment, screening equipment, feeding equipment, conveying equipment and pulverizer equipment.


Among them, the crushing equipment generally includes jaw crusher and impact crusher. The impact crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing, and can be freely selected according to the actual production situation and the fineness of the subsequent materials into the grinding.

The screening equipment is generally a circular vibrating screen. The feeding equipment includes a vibrating feeder at the front of the crushing and a bucket elevator at the back that feeds the mill. The conveying equipment generally includes belt conveyors, etc.

Among them, the most important grinding link, the configuration of the pulverizer can be selected according to the user's production particle size requirements. Industrial ore pulverizers produced by CLIRIK include many different models and rules. The more popular equipments are Raymond mill, high-pressure micropowder mill and ultra-fine vertical mill. These three types of mills have different particle size ranges and are suitable for different milling production lines.




Our production line can also be equipped with powder separators according to requirements, which constitute a complete set of equipment for the production line of potassium feldspar powder grinding.

Production line process

The first is to crush the raw ore, and the large pieces of potassium feldspar are sent to the jaw crusher through the conveyor through the feeder for crushing. The secondary crushing depends on the feed size of the mill. In short, the potassium feldspar crushing The particle size needs to be smaller than the mill feed size.

Secondly, the crushed potassium feldspar is lifted by the bucket elevator to the storage hopper, the storage hopper is discharged, and then the feeder evenly feeds the main machine of the potassium feldspar mill. During the grinding process, qualified potassium feldspar powder is After being screened by the screening system, it enters the collector through the pipeline. After collection, it is discharged through the powder discharge pipe to be the finished product. The unqualified products fall into the main machine for re-grinding.

Finally, the air after purification by the potassium feldspar mill flows into the blower through the residual air duct above the dust collector to ensure a good working environment and reduce dust pollution. The entire potassium feldspar powder grinding production line has a smooth process and a complete process.