Kaolin grinding powder processing industrial equipment

2022-03-31 10:19:46

Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, clay and clay rock dominated by kaolinite clay minerals. After being pulverized and ground by industrial grinding machinery, it can generally reach about 80-1000 mesh, which is white, delicate and soft soil. What is the use of kaolin after grinding? What industrial equipment is required for kaolin processing?

What is the use of kaolin after grinding? 

Kaolin is a common and very important clay mineral in nature. It has good plasticity, cohesiveness, certain drying strength, sinterability and whiteness after burning. After being processed by the pulverizer, the brightness, whiteness, particle size distribution, etc. are more in line with the quality standards, so the application field is very wide.

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1. Ceramic industry: It is mainly used as ceramic raw materials, and the general dosage is 20%-30% of the formula to make various types of ceramics.

2. Refractory material: Because of its good refractory performance, it can be used to make optical glass, glass fiber crucible and laboratory crucible, and those with lower purity can be used to make refractory bricks, refractory mud and other materials.

3. For papermaking: as a filler for paper, it can greatly improve the whiteness and smoothness of paper.

4. For rubber: used as reinforcing agent and filler of rubber to improve the strength and acid resistance of rubber.

5. For petrochemical: It can be used as adsorbent to synthesize molecular sieve for chemical industry, and can also be used as a catalyst for petroleum cracking.

6. Defense field: High-quality kaolin is required for atomic reactors, jet aircraft, rocket fuel chambers and nozzles.

Kaolin clay processing equipment and process flow

Kaolin grinding powder needs to process kaolinite of different particle size into 80-1000 mesh. There are various types of grinding equipment that can be used, such as jaw crusher, Raymond mill, ultrafine grinding mill and other equipment are commonly used. However, it is also necessary to combine the particle size of raw materials, discharge requirements, output, and consideration of site conditions, land occupation, investment budget and other aspects. We have senior engineers to customize for you.

Kaolin Clay Processing Equipment

① Kaolin powder mill: As the main equipment of the kaolin powder grinding production line, it has a three-dimensional structure, small footprint, strong complete set, and an independent production system from block material to finished powder. The workshop can basically realize unmanned operation, high efficiency, good quality and uniformity of finished fine powder, high sorting accuracy, higher sieving rate, and fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily according to needs.

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② system composition: raw material warehouse, bucket elevator, jaw crusher, Raymond mill, electromagnetic vibration feeder, analyzer, powder collector, pipeline device, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, finished product warehouse, etc.

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Kaolin production process

Crushing system: The kaolin in the receiving hopper enters the jaw crusher. After the initial crushing, the bucket elevator sends the material to the raw material warehouse for grinding. The lower part is equipped with a feeder, which is evenly sent to the pulverizer for grinding.

Grinding system: The material is sent to the Raymond mill for grinding, and the finished product passes through the powder separator, enters the cyclone powder collector and pulse dust collector for collection, and is sent to the blower from the lower discharge port.

Finished product conveying system: A pneumatic conveying system is installed at the outlet of the blower to convey the finished product to the finished product warehouse, and the excess gas is filtered by the dust collector on the top of the warehouse.

Dust removal system: The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collectors, and air outlets are installed at all dust raising points to ensure that the whole system has no dust leakage, and the on-site dust-free operation is realized.

Control system: This system is equipped with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and a host computer to realize the functions of start-stop, monitoring, interlocking and linkage of all equipment in the whole system, and reserve DNS interface to realize remote control.