How to improve the powder output efficiency of Raymond mill?

2021-12-16 17:04:59

Raymond mills are favored by users because of its own advantages and characteristics. For example, low prices and high productivity. As a mechanical equipment, after a period of use, the output of the Raymond mill will gradually decrease, which will have a certain impact on the production efficiency of the enterprise. How to solve these problems?

1. Make reasonable adjustments to the air pressure and air volume of the blower

Raymond mills can be used for the grinding of a variety of materials. However, because of the differences in the properties and compositions of different materials, attention needs to be paid when adjusting the air pressure and air volume to ensure proper adjustment. When the air volume is too small, the host is prone to material blockage, causing the equipment to fail to operate normally; on the contrary, it is easy to cause the coarser materials to be unable to be screened.

2. The speed of the main engine should be selected reasonably

The grinding capacity of Raymond mill is mainly derived from the centrifugal force generated by the grinding roller when the main machine rotates. Therefore, the speed of the main machine has a direct impact on the grinding production. When the speed is low, the powder extraction rate will be reduced and power will appear. Insufficient, severe wear, and unstable rotation speed of the driving shaft. Therefore, we should focus on the load-carrying capacity of the motor. By increasing the kinetic energy of the Raymond mill or adjusting the belt, we can improve production efficiency to a certain extent.


3. Selection of blade and wearing parts material

The blade is an important part of the grinding equipment. After continuous improvement and innovation, the design of the blade is relatively reasonable in all aspects, which can ensure that the material is fully ground between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Blades, grinding rollers, and grinding rings are the vulnerable parts of Raymond mills. When they are severely worn, they will easily affect the grinding efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, in the selection of materials, you should choose high wear resistance. And it needs to be checked and replaced regularly to ensure the efficiency of the equipment.

4. Strictly control the humidity, hardness, viscosity, etc. of materials

When all aspects of the equipment are ready for inspection, the next step is the selection of materials. You must first understand the humidity, hardness, viscosity, etc. of the grinding materials, combine your own needs, and refer to the instructions and specifications of the equipment to ensure that the grinding The powder material has reached the production range, so as to ensure that the powder production can proceed smoothly and achieve better production results.