What grinder is used to grind lime powder?

2022-01-10 09:18:27

Lime powder is made of limestone ground by a lime powder grinding mill. Lime powder is widely used in the construction industry. It can be used to prepare lime mortar for masonry or plastering projects, and it can also be used to make the foundation of buildings, the cushion of the ground and the lining of roads. Pavement base is an indispensable raw material in many fields.

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The commonly used lime powder is grinding mill and ball mill, but because the output particle size of the ball mill is only about 200 mesh, and its equipment investment is large, the floor space is relatively large. Therefore, the vertical mill is a better choice. Its vertical structure has a small footprint, low price and low operating cost, and the finished product can be arbitrarily adjusted between 80 meshes and 800 meshes, which can meet the needs of more users. Especially suitable for grinding lime.

1. Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a "classic" equipment in the mill industry. The number of finished products is adjusted between 80 and 325. It appeared earlier, with precipitation of technology, ingenious workmanship, three-dimensional structure design, small footprint and low investment. , users have more choices, and the market share is quite high.

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2. CLUM Vertical Mill

It integrates a variety of functions, making the production safer and more reliable, and the production capacity is more outstanding. It is a comprehensive large-scale grinding equipment that integrates the functions of crushing, grinding, powder selection and material conveying. It has the characteristics of concentrated process flow, small footprint, low investment, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and so on.

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The lime pulverizing production line is composed of a series of equipment. In addition to the pulverizer, the whole set of pulverizing production equipment also requires jaw crusher, pulverizer, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and dust collector. , powder separator, etc.