What machine is used to process mica powder?

2021-12-06 15:43:11

Mica has very high insulation and thermal insulation properties and also has the ability to resist strong acids, strong alkalis, and pressure. Because of its good chemical stability, it has become an important raw material for the manufacture of electrical equipment, and it can also be used as an insulating material in a hairdryer. Mica also has birefringence, so it is also a chemical instrument material for making polarizers. It can be seen that the mica powder has a wide range of industrial production uses in the future, and its economic value is very considerable. So what machine should mica powder be processed with?

1. Mica coarse crushing equipment: jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is to perform preliminary crushing treatment on the large pieces of mica mined. The mica jaw-crushing cavity has been deepened and the capacity is larger and wider. Therefore, the machine has a large feed, large output, and high efficiency.

jaw crusher.png

2. Mica milling equipment: Raymond mill

The structure of Raymond mill's grinding roller and grinding ring adopts a special design, which has a stronger grinding ability. The machine adopts advanced automation design, and the computer remotely controls the grinding condition of the equipment, saving labor and time costs, and has very good structure and performance characteristics. In addition, the mica mill is also equipped with a new dust collector, which completely eliminates dust pollution and has a better grinding effect. The finished mica powder is of high quality and the production site is always dust-free and environmentally friendly.

Raymond mill.png

3. Mica feeding equipment: electromagnetic vibrating feeder

The function of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is to evenly and quantitatively feeding the mica scraps in the silo into the main machine of the mill. It is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment on the production line. It has the characteristics of small size, firmness and stability, uniform speed and energy saving, and quantitative feeding.

4. Mica lifting equipment: bucket elevator

The bucket elevator transports the crushed mica stone from a low place to a high place. The material is discharged from the top of the hopper into the hopper and then discharged from the lower discharge port. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is uniformly and orderly fed to the mill. Bucket elevator has the characteristics of excellent design and workmanship, large lifting capacity, high lifting height, low driving power, and few failures. At the same time, the use method is more flexible and convenient. It can be operated by a single machine or multiple machines. It is very good mica lifting equipment.

bucket elevator.png

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