superfine mica powder mill grinder

2021-07-05 07:13:26

Superfine mica powder

200-1250 mesh mica powder, used as a paint admixture, can reflect light and heat to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays and other light and heat to the paint film, increase the acid and alkali resistance and electrical insulation of the coating, and improve the coating performance Frost resistance, toughness and compactness reduce the air permeability of the coating. Prevent spots and cracks, improve resistance to oil and water erosion, etc.

The ultrafine mica powder is used as the coating for the model when casting the metal, and the coating for the electroplating bath. It can also be used as the filler in the cosmetics and the defecation powder, the additive in the antifreeze and anti-sun paint paste, and the admixture in the sealing paint dust. Powder suspension agent for dry powder fire extinguishers, etc.

mica mica powder

Mica powder is a non-metallic mineral, which contains a variety of ingredients, mainly including SiO2, the content is generally about 49%, and the content of Al2O3 is about 30%. Mica powder has stable physical and chemical properties, insulation, heat resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance. It is a good insulating material and a multi-dimensional sheet-like engineering material. Mica powder has the characteristics of non-carbonization, non-cracking, and non-water absorption under a strong electric arc. Mica powder can also be processed into welding rod powder after being crushed.

Mica crushed is a semi-finished product obtained by crushing and winnowing raw ore, used to process mica powder.


Mica powder production equipment

The processing and production of mica powder is the most concerned thing for every mica powder manufacturer, and the person in charge of each mica powder factory will choose mica powder production equipment that meets his own requirements when building the factory.

At present, there are two main types of mica powder that are most used in processing, dry-process mica powder and wet-process mica powder. However, the majority of mica powders are made by dry method. The production of dry mica powder generally has two steps: crushing and grinding, which requires crushing equipment and grinding equipment.

Mica powder crushers are more common in life, and some other purpose crushers can also be used to crush mica. These machines are universal, but powder grinders are not enough. Mica powder has its own unique requirements for grinding machinery, so you can do it at will adjust the size of mica powder and other requirements.
powder mill grinder

General mica powder production equipment consists of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, micro powder mill host, frequency conversion classifier, double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air compression It consists of several parts of the machine and electrical control system.

The general type of mica powder grinder can process muscovite, limestone, calcite, potash ore, heavy calcium, kaolin, barite, bentonite, pyrophyllite and other non-metallic mineral products, and ultra-fine grinding equipment can process potassium Ore, talc, graphite, fluorite, zeolite, limestone, barite, apatite, wollastonite, feldspar, quartz and other products. So when you choose these machines, you can choose the right machines according to your own needs to avoid unnecessary losses.

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