What is the reason for the failure of the bag filter of the industrial mill?

2021-07-13 01:59:24

What is a bag filter?

The pulse bag filter relies on the process effect of the filter material to filter out dust, and uses compressed gas (air or nitrogen) to implement the filter bag back-blowing and dust removal to ensure that the filter bag can achieve gas dust removal under the rated pressure.


The pulse bag filter is suitable for dust removal and purification of dry gas. The dust removal process can be used for offline dust removal or online dust removal. In the non-metallic mineral powder processing production line, the pulse dust collector is the equipment with the most excellent dust removal effect, and is usually installed in conjunction with the grinding mill system.


The bag filter is a dry filter device. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of woven filter cloth or non-woven felt, and uses the filtering effect of fiber fabric to filter dust-containing gas. When the dust-containing gas enters the bag filter, the dust with large particles and heavy specific gravity settles down due to gravity and falls into the ash hopper. When the gas containing finer dust passes through the filter material, the dust is blocked and the gas is purified.


The bag filter of industrial grinding mill

The bag filter in the production of industrial grinding mill is to achieve environmentally friendly production requirements. If the bag filter fails, it will be unable to collect dust and pollute the environment.


Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause of its failure in time, so that it can be dealt with in a targeted manner, and then environmentally friendly production can be realized. So what is the reason for the failure of the dust collector of the mill?

industrial grinding mill

Generally speaking, the reason for the failure of the dust collector of the industrial mill is mainly due to the failure of the filter bag. The failure of the filter bag is mainly caused by the following aspects:


1. If the material processed by the industrial grinding mill is corrosive, it will corrode the filter bag and cause its failure. So when the mill is processing corrosive materials, don’t forget to pay attention to the filter bag. Carry out special protection.


2. In the production of industrial grinding mills, high-temperature particles, flue gas, or excessive shrinkage of the filter bag due to high-temperature heat and other phenomena cause damage to the filter material, which will also cause the filter bag to fail.


3. If the air permeability of the filter bag of the mill is affected, as the operation time continues to increase, the amount of fine dust and dust entering the filter bag will continue to increase. The pressure difference of the filter bag continues to increase, and the frequency of dust removal increases, and the dust removal has lost its effect in the later stage. The pressure difference remains basically unchanged, and the life of the filter bag ends, leading to failure.