Daily maintenance of the powder mill

2021-07-26 03:37:03

The powder mill is widely used in the field of mineral material grinding and processing, and is the main device in the mining and metallurgy, construction, chemical and other industries. In order to ensure production stability and production efficiency, daily maintenance and maintenance are important tasks. So what are the maintenance methods for the mill?


1. Regular cleaning of the powder mill: The pulverizer will inevitably produce residual materials during the working process. Therefore, we have to clean up regularly, and clean up the inside and outside of the mechanical parts during cleaning. The fuselage, grinding ring, grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, bearing and other places must be thoroughly inspected.


2. Check the screws of various parts: loose screws can easily cause equipment loss. However, due to the long-term operation of the machine, the screws in various parts of the fuselage are easy to loosen and fall. In order to ensure the safety of the machine, we need to check the screws of the powder mill from time to time.

industrial powder mill

3. Make a daily record of failures: we need to record the usual failures of the powder mill. At the same time, pay attention to whether the same problem has occurred during each inspection. This can avoid major problems with the fuselage.


4. Shut down according to the prescribed procedures: The shutdown procedure is very important, and it directly affects the life and safety of the equipment. When we shut down, we must first stop the feed, let the host continue to work, so that the remaining abrasive continues to grind. After about one minute, turn off the host motor and analyzer motor to stop the grinding work. Finally, stop the fan motor to blow away the remaining powder.


5. Regular maintenance and maintenance: We should regularly lubricate the main shaft, grinding roller shaft, reducer, analysis machine and other components. We must select lubricants in accordance with the instructions, and at the same time, we must regularly replace necessary parts and wearing parts in accordance with the instructions.


The daily maintenance skills of the powder mill are actually very simple. Do regular cleaning, daily inspection and maintenance, and operate in accordance with the regulations to ensure the daily use of the pulverizer.