Adjustment of automatic feeder for dolomite Raymond mill

2023-02-02 14:12:04

In the grinding production of dolomite Raymond mill, there are generally two types of feeding, manual feeding and automatic feeding. There will be certain errors in manual feeding, which cannot ensure uniform feeding of materials. It is easy to cause the pulverizer to be blocked or run out of material. The automatic feeding device is a way to replace manual feeding, which can realize continuous and uniform feeding and completely avoid the disadvantages of manual feeding. The following editor will analyze how to adjust the automatic feeder of the dolomite Raymond mill.

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1. In the grinding production of dolomite Raymond mill, automatic feeding can realize feeding automation, which is mainly realized by motor and current. When the current of the main engine is higher than the rated current, the automatic feeding will stop, and when the current drops to the specified range, the automatic feeding will be realized. This feeding method is to control the voltage through the disconnection and connection of the current relay, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.

2. When the dolomite Raymond mill is in the grinding operation, start the automatic feeding, and then turn the main switch of the control cabinet to the automatic device, and then the automatic feeding can be realized. At this time, it is necessary to gradually increase the potentiometer on the control cabinet. When the value reaches a certain range and maintains a stable state, it can also be adjusted according to the rated current of the host to change the current of the relay.

3. When the current drops, it should be closed in time, so that the dolomite Raymond mill can maintain a good working condition, avoid empty grinding or overloading, and ensure normal grinding operations.

How to solve the problem when the material is not smooth?

When we grind dolomite, environmental factors and human factors will cause poor discharge of dolomite Raymond mill. Once such a situation occurs in the dolomite Raymond mill, it will directly affect the quality and efficiency of the dolomite, resulting in a decline in the user's benefits. So, what are the reasons for the poor discharge of dolomite Raymond mill, and how should we solve it when such a situation occurs?

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1. As the use time of the dolomite Raymond mill continues to prolong, the wear of the grinding roller and grinding ring will become more and more serious, which may cause the material to be unable to be ground normally. When the output particle size is large , It will lead to poor discharge of dolomite Raymond mill. Therefore, when such a situation occurs, we should first observe the size of the output particle size. When the discharge particle size becomes significantly larger, it is likely to be caused by excessive wear of components such as grinding rollers and grinding rings.

2. If the dolomite Raymond mill is fed too much or too fast at one time, it will lead to overload operation of the dolomite Raymond mill, which will reduce the production capacity of the mill and the material will It cannot be fully ground, and poor discharge will occur as a result. Therefore, when the dolomite Raymond mill is working, it is necessary to ensure the correct feeding method, such as uniform feeding at a uniform speed, so as to ensure the normal working efficiency of the dolomite Raymond mill.

3. Excessive humidity of the material will also lead to poor discharge of dolomite Raymond mill. When the water content of the milled material is too high, the finished material will easily stick together or adhere to the inner wall, resulting in clogging and poor discharge. It can be seen that strictly controlling the water content of materials is an effective measure to prevent blockage of dolomite Raymond mill.