Coal gangue crushing and pulverizing machine

2022-09-21 14:35:01

Coal gangue is a kind of waste discharged from coal mine construction and production process, but it can also be reused after certain treatment. For example, the ground coal gangue can be used to make bricks, cement, light aggregates, coal gangue blocks, etc.

What are the uses of pulverized coal gangue?

1. Coal gangue power generation

Coal gangue grinding adopts fluidized bed technology, and when the carbon content is more than 20%, it can be used as energy and can be used for power generation.

2. Recovery of coal, pyrite

The coal gangue powder after grinding can facilitate the recovery of coal, pyrite, etc.

3. Used in building materials

Coal gangue grinding powder can be used in coal gangue making bricks, cement making, light aggregate production, coal gangue blocks and so on.

4. Production of cement

The production of cement from coal gangue requires "two grinding and one burning", that is, the coal gangue is mixed with a certain proportion of coal gangue, ground into materials, and burned to partial melting to obtain clinker with calcium silicate as the main component. After adding an appropriate amount of gypsum And mixed materials, ground into a fine powder is cement.

What are the complete sets of equipment for coal gangue mill?

The process of coal gangue grinding can be divided into three parts - crushing, grinding and packaging. The specific equipment used in each part is described as follows:

01 Coal gangue crusher

The texture of coal gangue is relatively brittle, and when it is broken, it can be broken in sections or in one section.

Segmentation crushing, that is, crushing large pieces of coal gangue in stages, first use a jaw crusher for coarse crushing, crush the large stones into small stones, and then use an impact crusher to crush the small stones into smaller particles particle.

jaw crusher  impact crusher

One-stage crushing, that is, one-time forming, crushing a few meters of stones into small particles by a crusher, such as a heavy hammer crusher, which can directly crush the coal gangue to less than twenty millimeters.

02 Coal gangue mill

There are many types of pulverizers on the market, but different pulverizers have different discharge particle sizes. Choosing the right pulverizer can make our production more effective.

1) Ball mill, the discharge particle size of the ball mill is 20-200 mesh, and the output of a single machine can reach 615 tons.

ball mill

2) Raymond mill, the discharge particle size of Raymond mill is between 80-325 mesh, and there are many kinds of ores that can be crushed, as long as the Mohs hardness is below grade 7.

Raymond mill

3) Ultrafine grinding mill, the ultrafine pulverizer can process more than 100 kinds of non-metallic ores, and the particle size of the finished product can be freely adjusted between 325-3000 mesh. The pulverizer has stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, intelligent operation, safety and environmental protection, and is very popular in the market.

ultrafine grinding mill

Different models can be selected according to different needs. If you have needs or questions, you can contact us at any time.