The ritsumeikan of Clirik - Keep pace with The Times

2012-09-25 01:37:16

With the rapid development of modern industry, instrument is becoming more and more sophisticated.The protection of intellectual property rights are relatively enlightened, produce or copy a new device can be said to effortlessly,so as micro powder grinder.It is not difficult for a never produced micro powder grinder enterprises produce a micro powder grinder ,so if a business want to remain invincible in the same industry, they must keep pace with the times, only by adhering to innovation, is it the road of the future development and produce a good powder grinder  service to our customers.
Shanghai clirik machinery Co., Ltd. understand this point profoundly, the annual investment to engineers to learn and study abroad costs more than the 15% of the total earnings. The cost of skills training for employees is more than 5%, it can be said every year a large number of workshops and first-line workers to get vocational skills certification in Shanghai clirik, and the fact is that this group of people really bring a vitality and new opportunities for Clirik development, the quality of Clirik powder grinder has increased annually, and after-sales service expenses decreased a lot, from the side, which also reflects the market recognition of Clirik powder grinder.
It can be seen that Clirik extended family has formed a good situation for everyone love learning, and constantly studying technical problems,make efforts to improve the technical level, all bent to be Chinese powder grinder base.