The most cost-effective Plaster micro powder grinder

2012-09-25 01:43:51

The plaster known as calcined gypsum, the main ingredient is calcium sulfate,it is colorless or white, with a glass luster, hardness is 2. Plaster After micro-powder grinder process, mainly used for polishing stars, the filler of the paper, the gas on the desiccant and medical plaster bandages, can also be used in the metallurgical and agricultural production aspect, but also can be used for the cement factory adjustment cement solidification time.
Clirik plaster processing powder grinder including plaster powder grinder, plaster powder grinder production lines, primary crusher, jaw crusher,cabinet hammer crusher, Raymond mill, high pressure suspension grinding mill, flour milling machine and other equipment, these devices processing plaster are handy and can be divided into four steps in the production process of gypsum, broken links, pre-grinding aspects of calcined links, as well as material storage transport links, the main raw material natural gypsum ore, gypsum, phosphogypsum.Clirik plaster production processing equipment can complete this process well, and good processing production of gypsum, reach the final of the finished material requirements.
Clirik recommended hammer crusher, broken particle size is very suitable for the next step of the production requirements, and high crushing efficiency to keep working smoothly stable. Process milling strongly recommended Clirik ultrafine powder grinder, the mesh size can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Clirik ultrafine powder grinder processing fineness between 300-3000 arbitrary regulation, regardless of production or fineness you can select according to your own requirement and Clirik powder grinder are energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective and clirik powder grinder are the first among the country ,welcome to come to visit us!